Welcome to the community website for the proposed Chilton Services.  Please take a look around, and if you think our proposals are a good idea and would benefit you, your friends, local residents, Harwell Campus, and A34 users, please register your support!

Update: September 2020

Following the Planning Committee's decision to refuse our planning application last summer, we decided to file for an appeal. The date of the appeal hearing is set for 15 September 2020. We will update this website with more information as and when news comes in from the Planning Inspectorate.

What is Chilton Services?

SP Broadway (acting for the landowners) are consulting on the development of a new small service area at the A34 Chilton interchange, accessible to drivers heading in both directions on the A34 and from the local road network.

Where is the proposed new Chilton Services?

The new Chilton Services is located on 1.3 hectares of currently undeveloped land, which was abandoned and cut off by the recent highway upgrades at the Chilton A34 junction. The site was formerly used as a construction site – making it ideal for a new service area. The land is sandwiched between the A34 and the newly built northbound slip road off the A4185 roundabout – roughly 300 metres from Harwell Campus.