The Proposals

What are you proposing to provide in the new Chilton Services?

The proposals are for a small service area which will include:

  • A filling station with 6 Petrol & 6 Diesel pumps
  • Charging points for electric cars
  • A forecourt retail shop
  • A food and drink drive-through outlet
  • 8 parking spaces at the garage forecourt and a further 40 parking spaces to support the retail outlet (including 2 disabled spaces)
  • The service area would NOT be open to HGVs to reduce traffic impact

Design and landscaping

Chilton Services’ appearance will be carefully designed to ensure it reflects the character of the surroundings, whilst being largely shielded from view. Taking the surrounding environment into consideration, the service area will be single storey and built using timber and brick, improving the appearance of this disused former construction site – and blending seamlessly into the wider Vale countryside.

The buildings will be one storey in height, and located in a natural hollow. The site is surrounded by mature tree belts and vegetation which shield it from Chilton and the North Wessex Downs Ridge to the South. The A4185 embankment further screens the land from the surrounding countryside, and additional tree planting will further enhance the landscape.

Traffic and road safety improvements

We have carried out detailed traffic surveys on the area, which show that 90% of traffic using Chilton Services will be leaving and re-joining the A34, which means there would be very little, if any, effect on the Harwell Campus and Chilton road network.

Chilton Services will benefit road safety by providing a safe space for drivers on long journeys to take a rest and have a cup of coffee, without leaving the road network.

To boost road safety and to minimise the impact of Chilton Services on local traffic, HGVs will be prohibited from using the service area – this will be clearly signed from the A34.